A Kindred Oaks Bridal Session |Alexandra|

We absolutely love bridal sessions, the only thing bad about them is having to wait to post them! Congratulations on your wedding Alexandra, we are now so excited to finally post your bridal session from Kindred Oaks. I hope these images captured the confidence she bestowed in front of the camera, sometimes I forgot it was a bridal session! The best images I find come when we are both having fun and I can tell you, this session was one of the most fun times I had shooting in 2016!


Rachel, Downtown Austin, TX|A Bridal Session|

Rachel, Downtown Austin, TX|A Bridal Session|

We shot a beautiful wedding yesterday at Kindred Oaks in Georgetown, TX! Y’all, their centerpieces were suspended from beams, hanging above their tables! It was such a delightful twist to the reception area. Here is just a tiny sneak peak of their beautiful day:


Beautiful, right?! These two were so much fun….But what this post is REALLY about is Rachel’s bridal session that took place in downtown Austin, TX last month. Travis covered this windy session and also captured it via vlog (his new obsession if you can’t tell!). We love people getting to see what really goes behind the scenes of our passion and it’s fun for potential clients to see how we work, so make sure to watch the video of this session too (included is a cameo from our impatient daughter, Amelia hah!)

Check it out below:



Kindred Oaks Bridals |Rachel Purvis|

I love doing bridals, not only are they an amazing way for the bride to see what she will look like in her wedding images but they are also so much fun to shoot! Especially when your bride is as laid back as Rachel. Honestly I don’t know if I have ever had a bride so lax, with everything about her wedding. “I don’t really care, I just want to party” could have been her slogan and I couldn’t have been happier. Whenever you have a bride with no expectations, no Pinterest page to dwell on and 100% trust in you and your craft something amazing happens. Both parties are fluid,¬†relaxed and able to have a really fun shoot. I hope you enjoy these bridals which took place at the amazing Kindred Oaks. Enjoy!


rachel_0002rachel_0003rachel_0004rachel_0005rachel_0006rachel_0007rachel_0008rachel_0009Austin Texas Bridal Session by Tank Goodness Photo

Kindred Oaks Bridal Session |Courtney|

Last week we shared a few sneak peaks from a late September, Alice in Wonderland themed wedding on social media:



We are so happy we can finally share Courtney’s bridal session now that her beautiful day has passed! These images took place at Kindred Oaks in Austin, TX (link) and was also the location of their ceremony & reception! This venue has tons to offer when looking of a lot of variety! We can’t wait to share more from their wedding day but until then, take a look at this bridal session Travis captured:



Krause Springs Bridal Session |Michelle|

This beautiful ¬†bridal session took place at Krause Springs in Spicewood, TX (link). Let me start by saying as STUNNING as this location was, it doesn’t even come close to the beauty Michelle has. She was the most understanding, accommodating, and relaxed bride I will probably ever have the pleasure of photographing!

Sure, I almost got arrested, we ran into poisonous snakes and might have gone swimming with water moccasins but none of those things even fazed this bride! She was absolutely game for anything, and we tried it all! She brought multiple bouquets and props and even brought a more casual gown to take advantage of the beautiful water. She is such a special person and I was so honored to be able to spend a few hours with her just days before her wedding (which was equally breathtaking).

If you are looking for a beautiful setting for camping, swimming or portrait session, you have to check this place out!

Below is a teeny recap from Michelle’s bridal session:


| Best of 2014 |

Wow, this year has been a whirlwind! 2014 opened so many doors for us and from the bottom of our hearts, we are SO thankful for this year of learning and shooting. We feel like we have the best clients in the world and every single wedding we have shot thus far has taught us something about ourselves and our passion. No two weddings are the same and we are constantly researching and experimenting with different lighting and posing.

We feel so blessed to be able to stay home with our two small children during the week and sling our cameras during the weekend. This year we learned how to juggle a sassy three year old, a teething toddler and edit thousands of images all at the same time. Giving enough attention to our third child, Tank Goodness Photography, while taking care of our family has been a tough yet rewarding balance. Personally, we moved into our new home, celebrated 5 years of marriage, traveled as a family of four out of the country (never. again.) and folded around three hundred loads of laundry. We welcomed a fur-baby named Shadow, celebrated our sweet Shep’s first birthday and sent Amelia to preschool. As a family we have learned patience and amazed ourselves with how much we can accomplish on such little sleep. This has been such an touching year for our family and our business.

We are SO STOKED to see what 2015 has in store for us and totally reminisced this year as we picked through these images. Every one of these images touched us in some way artistically or emotionally. We loved being able to capture these moments and it was an honor to be able to do so. Check out a recap of this crazy year below: