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Christen & Mari Beth: Four Seasons Hotel

September 25, 2014

Y’all, I get it. I know I “over share” on our blog and quite often when I browse other photography sites it becomes clear that my recaps are about 40 more photos than most, but I just love our clients and want them to thoroughly relive their wedding day (and I totally don’t feel bad about it, ha!)  There…now that I gave you a fair warning of the abundance of photos that are about to follow, I need to take a moment and just express what an honor it was to capture this union.

I have known Christen since I was a little girl and she was the epitome of all things “cool” and beautiful. I have been blessed to know their family almost my entire life and our mothers are the best of friends. Almost every memory I have from adolescence includes her younger twin sisters and we may have been the Spice Girls like…four Halloweens in a row. Watching Christen blossom into the beautiful woman she has become has been so awesome to witness and she has found such a perfect match in Mari Beth. When they asked if we were available to shoot this stunning event…I didn’t even check the calendar- the answer was “yes!” This gorgeous ceremony took place at The Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, TX (link) and the venue was awesome and accommodating.

Check out this recap below:

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