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Azores Portugal Honeymoon Photography, Arol & Kim

October 16, 2014

The Azores is my favorite places in the world. Hidden in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores consists of nine islands that are rarely seen on a map. Its a little Oasis, barely touched by modern tourism yet incredibly beautiful and full of potential. My father was born on the main island of Sao Miguel and I have spent just about every summer there since I was four years old. It’s absolutely remarkable and if you ever get the opportunity to travel, take a chance on this place! After a busy year, we decided to lug our family of four to the islands to visit my family and have a three week stay at our beach house. When a friend of ours was undecided on the location of their honeymoon, we urged them to tag along! They wanted somewhere….unAmericanized, lush and peaceful and these beautiful islands are just that.  Unfortunately, we missed their beautiful wedding day but we were so stoked to be able to photograph them while they were there! One dreary day, we set out to conquer their honeymoon photography session and drove around for hours. We saw just about every sight the ninety-mile long island had to offer, however the rain literally followed us every step of the way. The one location that didn’t disappoint (or potentially ruin our camera) was a stunning honey-suckle grove somewhere tucked into the mountain side. Honey-suckle, hydrangeas and anything with the ability to sprout seems to thrive here. It’s not uncommon to be traveling on a long stretch of road with thousands of hydrangea plants following you along the way. Arol & Kim couldn’t believe the abundance of flowers growing as if they were weeds…flowers that Americans only hope to see in a wedding bouquet.

Below is a recap of their honeymoon session, and a look into an unforgettable day:

Azores Portugal Engagement PhotographyAzores Portugal Engagement Photography
Azores Portugal Honeymoon Photography by Tank Goodness Photo

  1. yulia says:


    My name is Yulia, and I’m looking for a photographer on the Azores (São Miguel) somewhere at the beginning of September.
    I want to have 2-4 hours photo session in our wedding costumes( smth like a love story) Currently, the most beautiful place I find is Miradouro da Boca do Inferno, but maybe you can advise some other place we can also use as a location,

    Could you please tell about the conditions and prices, as well as your available dates for the first half of September?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Travis Tank says:

    Hi Unfortunately we live in Austin and will not be in Sao Miguel this year.

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