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Denver Colorado Engagements | Jojo & Kelli |

June 21, 2015

There are many things I love about this job and traveling is definitely one of them. Jojo and I have been friends since high school, we both played guitar in the high school rock bands and played shows together often. So when Jojo asked if Nina and myself would shoot his wedding in Denver I was stoked! When he asked me to fly there for the engagements I was even more excited. I had always wanted to see this Rocky Mountain State but never had the opportunity.


I decided I would fly in one night, we would shoot the next day and I would fly out the day after ( late in the afternoon of course so I could hang around the city for a day ). We decided to first shoot in Estes Park, then drive back to Denver and finish our shoot in the city. Despite the sporadic showers the shoot went amazing. I hope you enjoy the photos, we can’t wait for their wedding day!

Jojo & Kelly Engagements-9Jojo & Kelly Engagements-5Jojo & Kelly Engagements-13Jojo & Kelly Engagements-30jojo1Jojo & Kelly Engagements-39Jojo & Kelly Engagements-54Jojo & Kelly Engagements-77Jojo & Kelly Engagements-83jojo2Jojo & Kelly Engagements-92Jojo & Kelly Engagements-96Jojo & Kelly Engagements-95Jojo & Kelly Engagements-99jojo3

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