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Barr Mansion Wedding Photography |Bekah & Ben|

April 14, 2016

I HAVE BEEN DYING to put this blog together! Barr Mansion is one of our favorite Austin venues for SO many reasons! Their scrumptious (all organic!) dinners are always a highlight, their staff is absolutely amazing and the foliage around the property sets such a beautiful tone for the couples images. I have so many random images that I take for personal use from this venue, from their beautiful blossoms, to their victorian manor. I could go on and on, obviously, but this has to be the only venue around where you can pose both bridal parties at the same time without the bride and groom seeing one another by using the wrap-around double decker porch…swoon!

As beautiful as this venue is, it doesn’t hold a candle to this bride, Bekah. I was so enamored with her beauty, inside and out. Her positive energy filled every room she encountered and you could tell she is such a light in so many lives. She remained positive and calm throughout the entire process, literally jumping around the bridal suite, with not a care in the world. Ben, you are one lucky dude! These two jet setters will change the world with their strong convictions and smiles, I promise.

Upon pulling up to the venue, the florals that swept along the oak tree took my breath away. It was such a simple way to dress up their ceremony and it looked so organic and effortless! Two “first look”s happened this day, one with her father (who also officiated the wedding!) and one with Ben! We love to encourage First Look’s throughout the day, not only for the photo opportunities, but also because they are a HUGE time saver for the images after the ceremony. Plus, is there anything sweeter than a daddy seeing his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Bekahs dad preformed an amazing ceremony and you really had a sense of who these two were by the end. I love when ceremonies include stories on how the couple met, their childhood, and all the roads that led to this day.

We worked with some amazing vendors who made this day possible, check 0ut their links below:

Venue: Barr Mansion     Florist: Jennifers Garden   Pianist: Robert McDonald  Videographer: Steven Vanderworp

Ben never took his eyes off his bride, and Bekah never stopped smiling….




Congratulations, love birds!


-Nina Tank

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