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Weekend With The Tanks: Ep.1

May 10, 2016

Our Vloging Adventure Begins:

We get asked many questions throughout the day when shooting. From the wedding party to guests, some of the most frequent questions are “Are you guys married?!” (Yes!) “Do you have children?” (Yes, two!) “YOU DO?! WHO WATCHES THEM?” (This one is asked, without fail, and I find it hilarious…who is babysitting is always a concern haha!).

“Do you do this full time?” This. This question we are asked often and frequently, even from our neighbors at home. We are so blessed to call this our only profession! Have mercy on those who sling their cameras on the weekend and have a full time job, I don’t think we could ever manage the two. We stay in pretty constant contact with our clients and spend ample time in our studio in Northwest Austin meeting potential brides and client viewings after their process has ended. We take pride in putting together a special and unique slideshow for each and every client who can attend, and invite their families to our studio a few weeks after their special day to see the images for the first time. We REALLY believe that the first impression of their images shouldn’t be on an online gallery, tiny thumbnails, at the end of a long work day. We are super passionate about what we do and we want our clients to have “all the feels” when they see their images for the first time, just like we do when we capture them.

With the internet age, it can be difficult to set realistic expectations. Most people do not realize that the beautiful couple posed so effortlessly in the forest on Pinterest, is two perfectly paired models participating in a styled shoot. Or that beautiful cake table….is your cake going to be sitting in the middle of nowhere, with thousands of tea lights, not a damn soul in sight? A lot of what you see on wedding websites and pin boards have been perfectly timed and styled to look this way, and it is in no way possible for us to achieve. We believe its our job to 1) set realistic expectations and 2) Execute. If you send us your pin board and you have beautiful sunset photos in mind, but your ceremony is at 3, we have to be up front and tell you that we will have to take you out during the reception when the sun is setting to achieve that look. Or if your ceremony is at 7pm and we know the sun will be long gone, we will suggest a “first look”. Executing…this is what we are paid to do. We have shot in castles and we have photographed in park buildings…and we believe we can make them both look just as magical. We shoot REAL couples, with REAL weddings, and we are kind of bound and determined to show what happens behind the scenes of these glorious, fast paced, beautifully chaotic wedding days.

Travis has always had a love for cinematography, and he has been wanting to vlog our wedding adventures for some time now. We love having clips to add to the couples slideshows, and we love documenting the fun that we have, and the effort that goes into these things from all parties. We want to use this platform to show what a wedding looks like from our perspective as well as show future brides how much fun they can have! A lot of people have a perception that we are just clicking a button, and throwing some filter on it in post, and TA-DA! Posing, lighting, exposing and client relations are all techniques that need to be learned and achieved in order to produce good images! Plus, I tend to think we are the most fun wedding vendor:  we will laugh with you, dance with you, party with you and partake in every aspect of the best day of your life. We learned a lot during this process….I (Nina) absolutely hate being on camera, I’m overly expressive and I am usually standing making sure Travis is shooting to my standards (hahah), and Travis is really good at toggling both shooting and filming, and forcing me into his ideas. So without further ado, here it is. Our first episode of a more frequent (hopefully) vlog, ” Weekend With The Tanks “.





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