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The Austin Club Wedding Photography |Maria & Raul|

September 2, 2016

Ahh! We are so happy to finally be getting to share some amazing weddings from this past summer! We had such an amazing time in Thailand and Azores, Portugal and feel rejuvenated and ready to begin shooting the upcoming fall wedding season. Travis did a killer job vloging our life and travels for the past month, and you can check them out here.

Maria & Raul were SO so amazing to work with and they had so many personal touches that warmed my heart throughout the day. Now, it’s no secret that one of my favorite parts of a wedding day is capturing details. So much time, effort (and lets be honest, money) goes into the little things that may go unnoticed. Maria brought so many wonderful things to capture…like her dads love letter to her mother asking her to marry him. The boutonniere  he wore to their senior prom. The bible her mother walked down the isle with. Their AMAZING wedding invitations (that I didn’t quite share due to their mailing address).

Upon walking into church, you couldn’t help but stare in awe of the floral cross that adorned the stage. It was so timeless and beautiful! Their ceremony was unique, with some songs sung by Raul’s sister and a unity cross ceremony (which I snagged for their ring shots later!). We hopped onto the party bus to Austin’s very own Alamo Draft House! We took photos in the very theatre that Raul had rented out to propose to Maria. The staff at the theater were awesome and accommodating and I’m still drooling over Travis’ shot in the porthole door. Unfortunately time wouldn’t allow our original plans to travel to a park for more portraits, so we made do with the parking lot shrubs and trees…and they were actually a really beautiful alternative! I don’t think its too obvious we are actually in the middle of a shopping center, ha!

Their reception at The Austin Club was nothing short of fantastic. The decor was so romantic and warm, it was the perfect fit for these two. They entered into the reception with a mariachi band (yes!) and the dinner was hands down the best of the summer! We took some photos by the capital (how could we not?) and it was the cherry on top to a perfect day!

Check out Maria & Raul’s recap of their special day below:



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