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Ut Campus Engagement Session |Emily & Troy|

June 14, 2017

We can’t believe its already halfway through 2017!! We also realize that we have fallen off the blogging wagon for a while and we are so sorry! Its a crazy year with our daughter in Kindergarten, Shepard needing much more attention as he grows and some new things coming through the business pipeline but we haven’t forgotten and we are super excited to share this blog with you.

Emily and Troy are awesome. They are that easy couple who truly enjoys each others company which makes photographing them such a great time. we didn’t have to pull out all the tricks to get people interacting with each other, they just really had a great time together. Emily works around the UT area and so they wanted to showcase this amazing school ( which we are partial too of course ) and all its great architecture. This is one of our favorite campus’s to shoot on, plus we love the people in downtown. They are eclectic to say the least, which is why we love this city so much. I hope you love these photos just as much as we love taking them.



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