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Lana & Jake |an Austin, TX Engagement Session|

May 1, 2018

My goodness! Lana and Jake were the perfect distraction on this particular day in the Tank home. The morning of this session, Travis had a little (honestly, an ambulance was involved…not so little) episode where he learned allllllll about the seriousness of dehydration (lets be honest, I thought this was something that affected celebrities, ha!). A few weeks prior, Travis photographed a wedding with what we thought was the flu, however we learned at the hospital that he was actually suffering from a bad case of mono, which was a complete blessing considering I thought he was having a seizure/stroke/heart attack just hours before. WHY AM I EVEN TELLING YOU THIS? To shed some light on how important our clients are to us, the first words out of his mouth to the specialist at the E.R. was “I have a shoot in four hours, I need to get home.” and then the conversation between us went something similar…like “Nina, email Lana right now and tell her it will be you photographing.” “TRAVIS, I AM NOT LEAVING YOU LIKE THIS.” “Yes you are.”

So there I was, having one long continuous panic attack, with the two most patient and kind clients one could as for. We strolled about this park in central Austin (LOVED this location, neither of us had been there before!) and they truly were such a perfect ending to one of the scariest days of my life. All in all, Travis is healthy, I survived and these two slayed their engagement session and were so easy to photograph.

Check out these love birds, below:


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