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10 Tips For Engagement Session Planning

January 4, 2019

The Engagement Session may be the first time you have ever had professional images taken as a couple! This is an exciting time and leading up to the session can seem daunting. What do we wear!? Where should we shoot!? What if I don’t like them!? These and many more questions are probably floating around in your mind, well let us give you a few tips that can help eleviate some of the stress that goes into this session. 

1.Choose a location that fits your style 

The location of the engagement session is up to you! While we do have some spots that we know to work well, we want to encourage you as a couple to come up with a location that fits the style of session you are going for. For instance, if I suggest downtown Austin, but you two are more nature people than you may want to choose a location that is more natural than urban. Many of our couples want to showcase the natural beauty of Texas to give their out of town guests a fun preview of what to expect when they are here, others want to showcase the unique City that is Austin.  Choosing a location that has meaning to you will only enhance the special nature of this session.

2. Sunrise or Sunset

There are only two great times of day to photography outdoor sessions like these. This is either at Sunrise or Sunset, most opt for Sunset. While early morning sessions can be really great most people aren’t morning people. The last two hours of daylight is the sweet spot. 

3. Styling Your Session 

Every couple is unique and the way you style your session will represent who you are as a couple. Want a more editorial look? Bring a little extra something with you! A fresh picked bouquet for you to hold, a flower for your hair or maybe even a little picnic  is a fun way to spice up your session! 

4. Dress It Up

Have you thought about rocking a sequin gown, tulle skirt or flower crown but never had an occasion for it? This is your chance! There is no such thing as “too dressed up” when it comes to your engagement session so don’t be afraid to have some fun. 

5. One Or Two? It’s Up To You!

While most of our couples tend to choose two outfits there is no minimum or maximum number of changes. Remember how long it takes to change and where there is to change during your session though. Most of our couples will have a “wow” outfit and a casual outfit, but if you choose to just “wow”, give yourself permission! The camera loves runaway-esque apparel and so do we! Remember, don’t stress about the looks, if you only want to bring one its better to have one outfit you love than one you dont. 

6. Coordinate The Looks

As you are choosing your outfits, keep in mind that your outfits will look most cohesive on camera when the color palettes coordinate. You should aim to wear a different dominant color but stay within the same palette family. Fear not! We have created a really special outfit inspiration guide that will be a huge help during this process. 

7. Flatter Your Features 

In our experience, every women, regardless of her shape has an are of her body that she is self conscious about. Recognizing what area that is in advance is key! Choosing flattering sihouettes and colors that compliment your natural features are the best way to ensure you’ll love the way you look. Three quarter length sleeves create an awesome slimming effect on all arms so looking for an option with longer sleeve lengths may be right for you. Cute jackets, blazers or cardigans may be a great option too! Heels elongate the leg, making them look fabulous and closed toed heels in particular look great on camera. If your toes show through your shoes, you may want to schedule a pedicure before your session. Manicures are also recommended, these little tricks can make all the difference. 

8. Prep Your Man

In general most men aren’t too excited for this session, taking photos for two hours doesn’t sound like their idea of a great time. This is because they don’t have the expectation of what’s to come and why it’s important to you. This is one of the main reasons we like to meet at a bar or restaurant before the shoot, to talk with everyone and calm nerves or create excitement. Tell him why you chose us and show him some sessions we have done. Explain why you love them and express to him how much it means to you. Trust us, he’ll light up the camera for you! The most common thing we hear from guys before a session is this “I don’t like taking photos an don’t think I will be any good at it.” By the time we are done they can’t believe how fast and fun it was! 

9. Styling Your Man

Long Pants and closed toed shoes are the most sophisticated and masculine looks for men. They draw attention away from his legs and feel to place it where you want it: on the face. For your session it is best to leave the board shorts and flip flops at home. Suit pants, dress pants, colored pants or fancy jeans work best. Ties, color socks, suspenders, vests and watches are a sharp compliment to any look. If two looks are too stressful, no problem! One looks can do the trick, you can still mix and match accessories to compliment her two looks without doing a full outfit chance. 

10. Make A Date Out Of It

Your already dressed up and just finished a very emotional session, why not take advantage of it! We know the planning process can feel all consuming, so take some time after the session for just the two of you and relax. Schedule a nice dinner, maybe a movie or something else you two like to do together and remember why you are doing this entire thing in the first place. There is a huge difference between a marriage and wedding, make sure you keep watering that plant. 

Want our engagement planning guide and outfit inspiration guide? Email us now! 


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