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Less Vendor, More Bridal Party #morecowbell

January 4, 2019

We aren’t vendors, well Ok technically speaking we are! I don’t view us in that light though, to me we are more an extension of the wedding party than a wedding vendor. What do you think of when you hear the word vendor? I think of those people in the mall who sell you hair straighteners or facial scrubs ( usually the facial scrub ladies don’t ask me to test their product ). When I think of a wedding vendor I imagine someone who has a job to do, makes sure it looks/tastes/feels correct and cleans up. Most vendors will not have constant contact with the couple like we do, we are apart of your story! In order to capture those authentic moments, some that not even your closest friends get to witness, takes a level of trust that goes beyond the term vendor. 

Our job is unique to this wedding experience. We are tasked to capture your wedding in a way that allows you to relive it like a memory. But its not a memory, in fact most of the time when couples see their images they say ” I don’t remember it like this, it looks way better in pictures!” That statement makes every stressful hardship worth it but it doesn’t come easy. We feel in order to create a wedding story we have to blend into the crowd. Become one of you as if we have known you your entire life and to do this we all just have to be ourselves. Nina and I are the same people with you that we are at the grocery store and you’ll know it! We like to joke and tell people “If you want to know what marriage is like, just watch us today.”

How awkward is it to have a camera in your face? How terrible is it for your guests….? We understand and our goal is to ensure it doesn’t feel that way. We value the experience you and your guests have with us equally if not more than the images themselves! No matter how great the photos turn out you will always remember the experience of taking them, we want to make sure you had a great time. This is the biggest day of your life and we are here to have fun with you. Lets create amazing images and have a great time in the process. 


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