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The Thompson House Wedding Photography |Shelby & Michael|

February 1, 2019

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this wedding yet! Not only because it was absolutely beautiful, but because it was my amazing cousin Shebly’s big day! Truth is, around September everything form out social life to social media takes a back seat while we shoot and edit two to three weddings a week. I promised myself that I would take our “down time” to catch up on all of our blogs that so badly need to be posted but I decided to enjoy the holidays and nap most days instead, ha.

Shelby and Michael tied the knot at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Leland, MS last October. Let me back up…I promised my aunt we would be there, totally forgot to put it on the calendar, remembered my husband lives by our google calendar, and then realized he had booked another wedding. I AM BAD AT BUSINESS, TANK GOODNESS FOR TRAVIS, because this would probably be happening more often if I even peeked in our email. So, we made the decision to do something that WE DO. NOT. DO. We split up. It’s been a hot minute since we shot separately…like years. I knew that I could shoot a wedding with my eyes closed at this point but I second guessed myself the whole drive up there. While details and portraits are “my thing” Travis usually takes the reins during family portraits and they just down right terrify me. Luckily, at least half of these portraits included my extended family so I had all the grace and smiles that I needed.

When we were little, Shelby and her siblings would come down to Texas for summer and spring break and their faces are all up in my moms old 4×6 albums. Although Shelby was the youngest and definitely the most picked on, she has always been so sweet, beautiful and fun to be around. She was always down to face the challenges that Mckenzie and I would put her up to (shout out, Braidy bunch, haha). She cruised her way through college and is now sporting a Dr. in front of her name and that even feels weird to type…she will always be the sweet freckle faced, blue eyed five year old singing disney tunes to me.

My aunt Lisa put so much love, sweat and tears into all the beautiful details and it did not go unnoticed! Thank you for letting me part of your special day, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

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